The German group (Nodo Alemania) is made up of members of civil society (of Colombian nationality and some of German nationality) who, in their personal capacity or as representatives of associations, support the work of the Truth Commission in that country. The Nodo Alemania is supported by German organisations that cooperate with Colombia. In Germany, testimonials will be collected in different cities throughout 2020.

Inside the Supporting Group in Germany there are collaborative working groups. The interviewers group was trained by the Commission for its work of collecting testimonials in that country. The interviewers in Germany have an email address that is available exclusively for contacting them about the collection of testimonials. Write the interviewers in Germany:

“We have also set out to create spaces where memories, pains, joys, words, gestures and challenges that arise from reliving history can be dealt with in creative ways; for example, an initial collective confidence-building workshop, a biographical writing workshop, a weaving workshop and a theatre workshop. All those interested can choose one or more proposals that they feel will help them most to resignify their experience”: Nodo Alemania.