At the end of 2018, a group of people from civil society (Colombian and French, exiles, students, peace activists, asylum seekers, etc.) created Nodo Francia to support and make visible the work of the Truth Commission in that country. During this time, we have carried out several events to raise awareness about the Commission’s work and the Colombian exile phenomenon, as well as taking testimonies in different cities in France. The group is supported by a wide network of French organisations and NGOs that cooperate with Colombia, including Amnesty International, Secours Catholique-Caritas France, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, France Amérique Latine (FAL), ACAT, among others. At this key moment to defend the construction of an inclusive, global and dignifying story with the victims at the centre, the Commission’s team in France intends to continue taking testimonies until the end of 2020, as well as to strengthen the work of recognising the victims and subsequently disseminating the Commission’s final report.

“I am convinced that Colombians currently abroad who have friends and foreign organisations in which they are acting – thanks precisely to their long standing experience in Europe and other continents – are in a position to approach the country with a more generous, freer and more transparent outlook because they are not trapped in the daily routine in which we, who live in the midst of the conflict, are forced to endure. And they can provide us with that deep, profound, long-term vision, which often escapes us. This is the vision ‘de l’esprit’, as they say in French”.

Francisco de Roux, President of the Truth Commission.
Meeting with Nodo Francia, Paris, November, 2018.