The Valencia group (Nodo Valencia) has been listening to and documenting the experiences of Colombians in exile in the provinces of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia in Spain since 2019. To this end, it has a team of interviewers, who work on a voluntary basis and who were trained by the Truth Commission in issues such as methodology, gender approaches, and psychosocial accompaniment. It is also supported by volunteers belonging to organisations or in a personal capacity, who join the work, to provide spaces for participation to victims forced to leave the country because of the armed conflict. For the Nodo Valencia, the experience and meaning of each personal story is of great importance, and this is why it strives to create bonds of trust and generate a favourable environment by caring for each person who gives his or her testimonial. It proposes different methodologies such as the taking of testimonials, information and ludic activities; informative workshops for organisations, listening sessions and truth encounters, transformative art activities such as theatre and dance, and support for the Living Archaeologies of Exile initiative. “If you are a victim of the conflict or know someone who has been, and wish to give your testimonial or want more information, contact the Valencia group for more details”: Nodo Valencia.