The Euskadi group (Nodo Esukadi) was formally constituted at the beginning of 2020, as a result of the motivation to build and disseminate new narratives about the Colombian armed conflict with the participation of victims abroad. The interest arose from the actions of the Truth Commission in Bilbao in 2019: the second training session for testimonial taking, the meeting of the psychosocial support team, and two meetings involving second generations. The group includes people linked to academia and social and human rights organizations. It also has the support of Basque organizations, especially Kolektiba Colombia, a supporter of Colombia and guarantor of the Basque Programme for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, made up of the Mundubat Foundation, the Association Emigrad@s Sin Fronteras, the Peace with Dignity Association, the CEAR-Euskadi organization and the NGO Mugarik Gabe.