The Swedish group (Nodo Suecia) was formally constituted at the beginning of 2019, as a result of several days of work with exiles and Colombian organisations in Stockholm. These spaces convened by the Colombian Truth Commission are an important advancement in the implementation of the “victims” point of the Final Accord signed between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP in 2016. Formed by the Jaime Pardo Leal Association (JPL), Colppaz and Colombianätverket (Red Colombia), Nodo Suecia is supported by the Swedish Church and the Swedish Foundation for Human Rights. Participation is also open to private individuals who are not affiliated with any organisation, not only victims of the Colombian armed conflict and their families, but also to anyone interested in contributing with their experience and professional knowledge to the work of the Truth Commission. In Sweden, there are currently eleven interviewers residing in different cities who have been trained and authorised by the Truth Commission to take testimonials. The members of Nodo Suecia contribute and actively participate in the coordination and execution of activities that render possible the dissemination of the Truth Commission’s work abroad and the participation of exiles and victims living in this country: “we are currently about 20 people organised in different working groups. The Group currently has a majority of Colombian members and some Swedish members”: Nodo Suecia.