We are a group of exiles, migrants, and Spaniards who positively value the call being made by the new institutional framework, which has emerged from the agreements between the State and the FARC, and which recognises exile as a social experience, which is profound and silenced, and as the bearer of a significant part of that Truth that the country urgently needs to know if it is to reach a comprehensive understanding of the long and painful conflict. We represent an attempt to work, an eagerness to connect, a purpose of complicities that dance to the same salsa rhythm from a perspective involving diversity, just like a descriptive metaphor that emerged in the last meeting of the Europe groups held in Barcelona. We are confident that the prevalence of the Truth provided by the universe of victims abroad is more important than the interests of political forces and people in taking the spotlight. In this sense, we have to name the renewed hope represented by the Second Generation process, which reveals the transformation of the impacts caused by the expulsion from our territories into a creative, vigorous, and propositional force. Young people are incorporating a tremendous capacity for reinterpreting the world into our work, where there is no room for sectarianism or selfishness. Our commitment as a group is to facilitate and create conditions for the collection of testimonies and stories, which the team of interviewers in Madrid has assumed with great responsibility. The complexity of the undertaking reflects its pertinence, and we hope that the results of this exercise in Madrid will make an enlightening contribution to the Truth told in the Commission’s Final Report.