“Voices in exile”: fourth episode of the Nodo Germany podcast series

The podcast series produced by the Nodo Germany presents its fourth episode!

You will listen to the conversation between Xiomara Loango, social communicator and member of the Nodo Germany, and Elizabeth López, physiotherapist and public servant. They discuss the challenges of community work in Colombia, the reasons for Elizabeth’s departure from her country and the challenges she has faced upon her arrival in Germany, from the change of climate to the impacts of the asylum process.

“Voices in Exile” gives a voice to Colombians living in Germany through a series of podcasts that highlight their painful experiences of leaving their country, but also their experiences of hope and self-improvement in their host country. The series is produced by the Nodo Germany, a group that supports the Colombian Truth Commission in Germany, with the support of the German-Colombian Institute for Peace – CAPAZ.

Available on Spotify! Listen to the fourth episode now and follow the whole series, with music by Colombian band Pacifican Power.

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