Video: Voices from the Swedish Node explain their engagement

El Nodo Suecia es uno de los más de catorce nodos de apoyo a la Comisión de la Verdad en Europa

The work of the Nodo Sweden to support the work of the Truth Commission is aimed at making visible the effects that the Colombian armed conflict has had on the victims living in Sweden, their resilience, their ways of coping with life in exile and their contribution to the construction of peace in Colombia from abroad.

In this context, the Swedish Nodo has been informing, taking testimonies, and carrying out semi-public events to deliver testimonies and reports to the Commission.

In the following video, published by the Nodo Sweden in January 2021 on its YouTube channel, some of the people who are part of this process in Sweden share their reflections on their participation in the Node. Emphasis is placed on the presentation event of the report of the Jaime Pardo Leal Association, based in Sweden.

Watch the Nodo Sweden video (in English)

The Swedish Nodo started 2021 with energy to become even more stronger!

We invite you to contact the Nodo Sweden, get to know them and be part of this process through their channels in: Facebook / YouTube / By phone in Sweden: 070 559 53 42 (Claudia) 070 565 02 74 (Fredrik)