The Commission searches for truth: article on the Nodo Germany in the TAZ

The independent German newspaper TAZ published an article: “Kommission sucht nach der Wahrheit” (Commission seeks the truth), on the work of the German Node, a support group for the Colombian Truth Commission, regarding the meeting to recognize the truth of the Colombian exile, held on November 13, 2020.

In an interview for TAZ, members of the Nodo Germany and Stefan Peters, Academic Director of the Colombo-German Institute for Peace – CAPAZ, emphasized the listening exercise and the taking of testimonies from Colombians in Germany, as a contribution to the clarification of the truth, from the exile, about the armed conflict, in view of the Final Report that the Truth Commission will present.

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Katharina Wojcenzko. Kommission sucht nach der Wahrheit. In: TAZ, online am 13.11.2020. Recovered on 14.11.2020 from [!5728241/]