The Truth Commission’s inter-node gender group

The inter-node gender group was formed in November 2019 in response to the historical call of the Truth Commission, bringing together women from Europe and America to contribute to the objectives of the Commission under a gender perspective.

In the belief that without women the truth is not complete, the group meets regularly to work on impacts, confrontations, and resistances; to characterise problems that have arisen as a result of exile and migration; to promote training, artistic, advocacy and memory-building activities concerning exile; to support and design recognition events; and to make women’s work visible at personal, organisational and political levels.

Based on an ethical and feminist concern, the women in the group challenge the patriarchal and war dynamics, bringing together characters, profiles, feelings, and thoughts to promote and guarantee dialogue and to ensure inclusive participation. Valuing diversity among women, the group focuses its efforts on weaving respectful forms of interaction and overcoming the suspicion and distrust left by the war, as key elements for coexistence and non-repetition.

The group has also been constituted to provide support and as a space in which women can share their experiences as exiles and as part of the diaspora, recognise their affectations and confrontations, and promote their active and transforming role from a distance.

To learn more about the inter-node gender group, see the Decalogue of feelings and intentions.

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